Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'd Rather Be Frolfing

Well....Right now I am sitting on the deck of a very nice cabin at the wonderful Hume Lake. I have been here all week with my family and Hillary was able to be here for a few days as well. It has been a wonderful time but I will post a much more in depth post about my vacation in general but this post is dedicated to Frolf. Up here at the lake they have a very respectable Frisbee Golf Course. It has everything that any frolfer could ever ask for, hills, great tee boxes, nice basket catchers, trees, creeks and ravines, even deer roaming around the edges of fairways. We being myself and my family play about 36 holes per day. This allows us to throughout the week continue to better our scores. Today I shot my best score of the week in which I was 4 over par. This course is a par 3 course and the total par being a 54 and myself today shooting a 58. It all started with my new disc that I acquired at the beginning of the week. The Champion Firebird. This fantastic disc which has a natural fade to the right is one of 11 time PDGA Champ Ken Climo's disc's. This post is just to encourage those who are not familiar with the game of Disc Golf to go out and try it, and for those who are but have maybe forgot the how fun it is to here the "clank" of a disc entering the chains of the basket for that much needed birdie. Here are some pictures of just some of the fun that we had playing the greatest sport for vacationers.

This is my little brother Cooper teeing off.

This is my Uncle Scott using the tomahawk throw.

This is my cousin Noah.
This is my Dad probably picking up a Birdie.

This is the beautiful Hillary throwing in to the chains. Thanks for coming for a few days Hill!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Reading In The Sun was a great day. Although I have had a long week in many regards, I have really enjoyed this past week overall. Just to highlight some of the things that happened this week that made it rough. On Tuesday night my phone was stolen by people visiting campus. This upset me a little not because I was so attached to my phone but that the school lets these people come on campus and then they are disrespectful by stealing my phone. And just to be clear it was stolen NOT lost like the lady at Cingular said. Then two days later while enjoying a nice round of campus golf, my right sandal broke. Now I have no sandals to where and am left to resort to shoes. Although in the very near future I plan on purchasing some Rainbow sandals. But today I went to church and then enjoyed a wonderful lunch with friends at the Price's home. Then when I returned to campus I watched the last part of the Dodger game in which they swept the Giants. Always a good day.

After this wonderful afternoon I took a blanket outside to the grass and finished reading my book. Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a very enjoyable book. This is the first of his novels taking place in part in Afghanistan and also in America. This book is a consistent dose of depressing happenings to this one man and it takes you on quite a journey through his life and travels. This afternoon was so very enjoyable as I got to spend time enjoying the sun and enjoying reading in the green grass. I could not ask for a more peaceful afternoon than the Sunday afternoon that I enjoyed today. The only thing that could have made it better was sitting in the grass next to Hillary reading my book.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Barry, Bourne and Bubble Gum

Well... It's been awhile and here it goes. First things first is I just have to say that my weekend was awesome. I went home and got to hang out with my family and of course I spent a lot of time with Hillary. It was great to see her and spend some real quality time together. Love ya Hill.

My title suggests I will talk about three items of business and try to keep them somewhat short talks.

Barry Bonds is does not deserve to break the Home Run Record. This quick venting session has nothing to do with steroids, although I do have a lot to say on that topic. Just briefly I would like to examine why Barry Bonds is not worthy of this title of Home Run champ. With one day to go in All-Star voting Barry is far behind the leaders in voting but the city of San Francisco and Giants fans unite and manage to get him on the National League starting roster. This was quite a feat and as Rome Burning said this was his one chance to give the few people who still support them a thank you and maybe even redeem his name by participating and putting on a good show no doubt by putting multiple home runs into the bay. But instead he chooses to absolutely in my mind give the middle finger to the people of S.F. and all baseball fans in general by refusing to participate in the Home Run Derby. I will stop because this post is already too long and I still have two more topics to go.

The Bourne Ultimatum will be the best movie of the summer. Yes I said it, I made a very bold statement. This will be short because in the month to come before August 3rd which is when this conclusion to an amazing trilogy makes its way to theaters. I will quickly say if you are looking for a great series of books to read then you have found them in Robert Ludlams four books. Although I must warn you before reading them, the plotline has absolutely nothing to do with the movies, there only common theme is a man named Jason Bourne and the fact that he is a killing machine with amnesia.

And now to the gum, I have recently found a new favorite gum and just had to share it with everyone I could. Not only is this gum called Flare and have an awesome box, but it is packed with some of the best cinnamon flavor that I have ever experienced. But if you do not like cinnamon flavored gum than this line of chewing gum has other flavors such as Cobalt or Rain. Well I must go now but go to your nearest Target to get your three pack.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

God’s Provision

I have not posted in quite some time because of my very busy schedule. Haha. For the last week my intentions have been to post on this very subject of God’s Provision. I have been wanting to share with all of my faithful readers the wonderful provision in my life. Although it is funny how at least for me while God has provided in so many ways for my life and this summer more specifically I can still manage to find things to complain about. For example at the beginning of this summer before my trip over seas I did not have any idea what kind of job I would have or what my hours would be like. And now after being back from my trip and working at my job for a few weeks I find myself wanting to be making more money and be getting paid more. This shows my selfish greed and how discontent we can become once we are comfortable with our circumstances. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for everything that God has given me.

Well that’s it for that part of my post. And now I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a book I just finished reading. It is called The Only Road North. It is a true story novel about four guys who travel from the very bottom of Africa all the way to Egypt on dirt bikes. It is a very inspiring book and also very interesting in learning about the many different parts and countries of Africa. Well catch you all later.