Sunday, June 28, 2009

Have It Your Way??

Well, in my last post I mentioned there was more to come about my Burger King visit in Pismo.

Burger King's supposed motto.

Some people abuse this so I understand posting a sign.

This I do not understand! Seriously!?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach Animals

So awhile back on my way to a wedding at Ragged Point, myself and Jon were making great time so we decided to make a few stops. We stopped at Hearst Castle, Burger King in Pismo (more to come later), and also just pulled over to the side of the road. Here are some things we saw on the side of the road.
This is more than 100 Elephant Seals, I think we watched them for at least 30 minutes.

This is a little crab guy that wouldn't come out from under the rock.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paradise Tea!!

Ok, I am seriously going to start blogging frequently. Me and Hill got a Mr. Iced Tea for a wedding gift along with a tub of licorice. Awesome gift right....? Included with the tea maker was some wonderful tea bags. Although looking back this was not a good thing. Me and hill have been drinking at least a pitcher a day, we LIKE it, A LOT.
It is Passion Fruit Paradise Tropical Tea, it's awesome!! Today over the course of 5 hours I drank a pitcher and was very disappointed when the pitcher ran dry. However we are stocked up on tea bags because right when we got back from Maui, i ordered a case of it online!
This is the case I ordered, each little box has 4 bags! AWESOMENESS!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Check it out!

So a good friend, Mr. Logan has started a blog. Check it out here!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


One of the things Hillary and I did after we got married was get a Wii. It has been a lot of fun! The other night me and my wife were playing Wii Sports, and doing some bowling. At the end, my score popped up on the screen and I had a realization, that score is my current weight! 

Monday, June 8, 2009


A lot has happened, and during that time I did not have internet. I do now so be prepared for a lot of posting!!! In the meantime here is a picture of one thing that happened in the last month! 
I thought it was pretty sweet!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

T10T: Scary to Marry?

Yes, the day is getting closer. If you haven't heard, the wedding is 25 days and counting. Check out the website for some awesome photos and other cool stuff. But as the day gets closer I think upon things that worry or scare me slightly about being married. So here are my Top 10 Apprehensions About Marriage.

#10 Being Responsible. If you know me at all, I am not always the most responsible however now responsibility is calling. 
#9 Budgeting: never really done it. 

# 8 Sharing a bathroom with a girl: never really done it.
#7 Sharing a closet: done it before, but when it comes to clothes I realized I have way more clothes than I need and can't even contain them all in a closet right now by myself.
#6 Being responsible for the spiritual and physical well being of my family.
#5 Officially becoming a grown up, so long childhood!
#4 Who will do the cooking?
#3 Eating healthier
#2 Having to share a bed. I can be a violent sleeper often thrashing about and flailing my arms; someone might lose an eye.


Monday, April 13, 2009

I Love Churros!

The other day I drove to Costco...... I LOVE CHURROS!!
Oh and I bought a purple polo!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Baseball Season

Last night me and Hill went to the Angels game. It was a lot of fun! We had a blast, we went with Brad and Kelsie it was fun! It makes me realize we should go to more baseball games.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

T10T:Food Network

On this fine Tuesday I want to share my 10 favorite things on the Food Network! At work we often have the Food Network playing, and it has made me a huge fan of the network in general but here are 10 specific things that I love about the network (Mainly chefs and shows).

# 10 Chef's that cry over food
# 9 How hungry the food makes me
# 6 Ace of Cakes:This is a cake of LOST!
# 4 Everyday Italian:This is her cookbook!
# 3 Food Network Challenge:This is a 20 foot skyscraper made entirely of chocolate!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sharing is Caring!

I stopped by the mall this afternoon and pulled into a parking spot. When I returned to Fiona I found her next to a friend. I felt pretty special that someone would share a parking spot with my Fiona! Maybe cars should consider sharing spots.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Man Week

It was man week! For a summary of the events, check out Morgan's blog. But this was my participation in man week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

I liked the Mustache!

I have an awesome profile!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teriyaki Chicken

I was lookin through some pictures on my phone and found this one! It reminded me of how much I love a quality Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl and really anything with teriyaki!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


And yet another reason I am grateful that I have a Mac!

Top 10 Tuesday's

I am going to try something new. It's nothing that other people haven't done before but we'll give it a try. Something hopefully that people will begin to look forward to and enjoy. I hope to begin a series of posts on Tuesday's that will include a Top 10 list. To kick it off we will begin with 
Top 10 Tuesday's Top 10 Reason's to have a Top 10.

10. It's fun to do
9. Quicker to write
8. Quicker to read
7. Its better than Top 100
6. It has potential to be funny
5. I like routine and this will become routine
4. Increase daily blog hits on Tuesdays
3. It's biblical
2. David Letterman does it 
1. LOST is on TV on Wednesdays, what else is there to do on Tuesday nights?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Need a Name

It's not for me, its for my beautiful baby! My first problem is figuring out whether it's male or female.  I obviously am leaning towards female however, I don't want to make Hillary jealous. And also I have an awesome male name, someone help me. I need name suggestions! Some current front runners for names and their meanings:

Rufus = Red haired
Chauncey = Chancellor

Natasha = To be born
Vivian = Life
Sophie = Wisdom
Nadia = Hope
Fiona = White
Francesca = Free spirit

Other name suggestions not listed are allowed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do You Have Something of Mine?

So the other day I was cataloging my books and DVD's, (Don't judge me) because they are already arranged alphabetically I am now trying to keep track of them all. Although the other day I had a conversation with a local pastor about arranging my books according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. Although this is something I look forward to very much I am waiting until I move into a new apartment. The DDC is pure brilliance. Back to my point, I noticed some books and DVD's missing, not stolen, just missing. I have let many people borrow books and movies and I forget who (which is the reason for cataloging them) I let borrow what. (For more info on cataloging your own media click here). One book I noticed missing was Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood by John Piper and Wayne Grudem. This is a great book and I recommend it highly! Another title was Crazy Love by Francis Chan. These are the two that I noticed right away, if you have either of these books or any others please return them or let me know at least, I miss them! On the movie side of things I noticed I am missing Spellbound, however while at Blockbuster I picked up a new copy for $3 so you can keep it however please still tell me so you can by me a cup of coffee or something. Thank you all for your help in getting all of my books and DVD's spoken for and properly cataloged.

Most of my titles have a sticker with my name and phone number on the back.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look What Came In The Mail!

Please notice some very important features on my new license!
First is the pink circle at the bottom, I am pretty stoked about it!Second is the awesome new license class I have listed next to the typical C, M1.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Miss Thee

I did something at work yesterday I hadn't done in at least a year. I loved it. It's an old long lost love and a new passionate fling together. Licorice and Dr. Pepper. Oh how I miss my childhood days of drinkin pop through a licorice straw.

 "Sometimes I like to hold stuff like this and pretend I'm a giant."

Monday, March 23, 2009

47 Days til.....

"Marriage is the greatest test in the world...but now I welcome the test instead of dreading it. It is much more than a test of sweetness of temper, as people sometimes think; it is a test of the whole character and affects every action. 

- T.S. Eliot

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Read

The other day at work we got the new ESV Study Bible. I bought one, I am super stoked about it. You should check it out!

If You Like Ice Cream......

Do you like girl scout cookies, how about ice cream? If you answered yes to both of those questions, this post is for you. A friend mentioned this to me the other day and so a couple nights ago I sought it out. It will not disappoint! Check it out, for your own good. 
Thanks Erica!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

"The person who understands the evil in his own heart is the only person who is useful, fruitful, and solid in his beliefs and obedience. Others only delude themselves and thus upset families, churches, and all other relationships. In their self-pride and judgment of others, they show great inconsistency."

-  John Owen

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Site!!!!

You should definitely check out our wedding site!! I think it looks pretty legit!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Passed!

I took my M1 motorcycle license test today at the DMV, I passed! It was awesome, someone almost backed into me while taking the test in the DMV parking lot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My New Love

My boss recently brought in a small bag of Riesen's into work. I had never had one before but for some reason had a prejudice against them. Everyone had them and enjoyed them and then once they were gone I immediately wanted one. She brought in a new bag a couple days later and I had to try one. I right away new that this was a mistake. I do not need any help finding sweet delicious snacks that I enjoy but now with a little help I have found my new current favorite sweet. Dark Chocolate with Chewy Toffee!
This is how happy I get when eating a Riesen at work!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Ride

After hanging out with Adam and going to a favorite shared spot we have, Jamba Juice, I decided to go for a nice Sunday afternoon scooter ride. I started out on my favorite street to ride on, Victoria, and just started towards Corona. I rode through some very nice neighborhoods up some hills and eventually got to a spot where I looked over Riverside. I then proceeded down this very windy and winding road over some water and through a lot of hills. Long story short, I ended up at Dos Lagos and had no idea how to make it back home without going on the freeway. I made it, and it was a really enjoyable ride. Sorry...No Pictures!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Is A Test!

Can you believe it is only 74 days until the wedding? Heck, it feels like yesterday that Hillary and I were just arriving at CBU! Right or wrong it has gone by fast and it is hard to believe its 2009. I look back at my time at CBU as a student and realize how blessed I am to walk away with the education that I have. Sometimes I wish I had done more while I was in college but I remain young. To be honest though I am quite happy with my college experience. Of course there is still the occasional "what if". Possibly my time has come and gone, but I am sure I still have some fuel left in the tank. How else would I be sticking around here in Riverside? Except for my lack of playing ping pong my last two years at CBU I am very satisfied with my level of physical activity. Rain will fall and the sun will shine and I remain feeling fine.
Hotter than hades is what it feels like in Fresno during the summer months. Oddly, I would not trade it for any other city in California. Forever it will remain my home. So why am I writing about such random things? Cause I want to! However there is more to it than that. Rarely do you see random bolded letters for no reason. Obviously there is a reason for them. Everyone can try and figure it out. Really though, only the first person who figures it out can win!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exciting Scooter Advancements!

I finally got my license plate for my beautifully gorgeous love of my life. No, not Hillary, my other love.....YES, the Scoot Scoot! It looks great and finally complete with the license plate firmly attached in place. Now my question for you is what do I name her? I feel like I am taking a huge risk and letting you into our lives by letting you, the general public to help me name her. So lets shoot those suggestion's this way. I am a big fan of alliteration as well as a name that somewhat describes her such as her beautiful white paint job. Let's hear those ideas!