Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crazy Love

I started a new book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, it's really good so far!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It Finally Happened

Well....If you have not heard already, It Finally Happened! What....? you may ask, well I am very glad you did! On Friday August 1st 2008 I asked Hillary Joy Kell to be my wife! It was a very enjoyable night that we got to spend together at first just enjoying each others company and then celebrating the exciting news with our families. I was not nervous about proposing to Hillary and never have been but the mere thought of it was very exciting to me leading up to Friday. Although I expected to be very happy and excited to take this step and move forward towards starting our own family I did not expect to be filled with the joy, relief and sheer happiness that I felt on that Friday evening. I owe the entire night to God as he planned things and made things work out that I could not have planned if I had tried weeks in advance. What made the night special was being able to spend it with the woman I love. I cannot wait to begin this journey of marriage with my beautiful fiance! Here are a few shots of how the night went down, after our bike ride we picked a spot in the grass and spread out a blanket and enjoyed a wonderfully made meal by the awesome people at Subway. Then we played catch and enjoyed each others god given ability to do so until it was too dark to see and then we switched to dessert and playing a few hands of speed (which I one). After such a wonderful evening with my girlfriend I asked her a question that made her become my fiance. Thank you so much and I love you tons Hill
Once we arrived at the park

Enjoying some Subway!

After she said YES!!!