Thursday, June 21, 2007

Goin to the Movies

So....on Saturday I went to see a movie. I had been looking forward to seeing it all week long and so once Saturday morning came, you could imagine how excited I was to actually go to the theater. So Saturday morning I got up and looked up movie times on Fandango. The time that I chose to see the movie at was 11:05 am. Remember that because that will come into play later. Well because I was just chilling at my apartment I did not leave with much time to get there and get tickets but I put my car in park at 11:05. I hurried over to the ticket counter and a lady was in front of me trying to buy tickets to the same show however because it was a new release passes are not allowed. So she kindly said "o ok well how about Pirates at 11:30 and so she used her pass on that show. Then I proceed to buy my ticket and enter my theater #3 and the previews have already started. And who do I see in the second row but the lady who just bought a ticket for Pirates! I was very tempted to turn her in but I figured it was not my place just find a seat and enjoy this movie that you have been waiting for. Well this would come back to haunt me. So I am enjoying thhe previews and then it does the little Walt Disney castle thing and I was thinking to myself thats weird because Oceans 13 isn't made by Disney, but huh maybe Disney bought the rights to it since the first two did so well, no big deal, (so i thought). Then it starts out with the gallows and a bunch of people in chains. I was thinking "this is familiar" but maybe it is another preview and it is for Pirates. Well 5 minutes into it I realized that it was the actual full length film. Then it clicked, maybe I was in the wrong theater because that lady was in the second row. I know what you are thinking, "how does someone walk into the wrong theater?" Well I don't have the answer because after going outside to check the theater I realized that I was in the right theater and they were playing the wrong movie. I blame the lady in the second row because "What goes around" you know "comes all the back around" and that is why we were watching the wrong movie. To make a long story kinda short; We didn't get the real movie started until 12:10 and then we had to watch more previews. This was an inconvenience but going to see a movie for the first time by myself made it an adventure. And the management at the theater did give us a ticket for a free admission to a movie and this one you could use for any movie even if it says no passes. The trick was we needed our ticket stubs to get this free ticket and since that lady in the second row did not purchase an Oceans 13 ticket i don't think she was able to receive a free admission.

More importantly then this fun story to share, Oceans 13 is such an amazing movie. I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it over and over. I highly recommend this movie for everyone and anyone who wants to see one of the top movies of the year. Until the next time enjoy the blogging community.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Championships and Recruiting

Well....Since I have become a member of the blogging community I have been a very big advocate for others joining. Most people have excuses such as I have nothing to talk about or I do not have the time and those are ridiculous. I have recently recruited my girlfriend Hillary to create a blog so that myself and everyone else in the community may keep up with what is going on in her life. Also I just want to encourage those of you who faithfully read my blog and await on the edge of your seats for the newest one to come out to now check her blog. She has started off very strong with two blogs in three days so we can only hope that she continues with the blogs and encourage her with comments on her blogs.

Secondly I just wanted to quickly talk about a certain champion of the golfing world. Right now i sit on my couch with some roommates watching the final round of the US Open and the amazingness of Tiger Woods. Although he did just double bogey he came right back with a birdie and just continues to make great shots and impress critics. Although in his first Father's Day as a father we will see if he can give himself a Father's Day gift of winning another major championship. Above all of this it remains unseen whether or not he will become an ultimate champion in the realm of fatherhood. As his father was such an influential person in his life can he remain on top of the golf world as well as be a better father than he is a golfer.

Happy Father's day to all fathers! Especially my own father. He is such a great father and example to me and my brothers. Also my brother is now a father and will enjoy the fruits of fatherhood starting sometime in the fall which is very exciting for everyone in my family.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Farkas Vs. Simmons

Now some of you may be wondering what in the world is a Farkas, and who is Simmons? These questions and many more will be answered in the next few minutes as you dive into the wonderful world of learning about these two notorious authors. This will not be similar to my much acclaimed comparison between myself and Lebron.

Simmons (aka:The Sports Guy) has been at his writing career for some time and has become a very popular writer in ESPN the Magazine. This is not where Bill Simmons has really thrived, his cultish following has evolved on ESPNs Page 2. His weekly writings and occasional live chats bring thousands of readers all to the same agreement; Bill Simmons is worth his weight in gold. Also his mailbag sessions are always enjoyable and often leave me laughing out loud. One thing that will really leave you laughing as well as pondering life's or sports greatest mysteries is his book Now I can Die in Peace.

Farkas (aka: Paul Meadors) is slightly newer at the writing thing but hopes to break onto the scene with a bang. His plan of action starts with the release of his first book Letters to Ebay. Paul has already proved his weight in gold in the classroom teaching 5th graders as well as on the field with coaching. However he hopes to improve his status from gold to platinum by becoming a triple threat with teaching, coaching, and writing. His book (set to release in the U.S. on August 30th) is not like a typical boring how to ebay book but rather an exciting journal of Art Farkas' many dealings with ebay sellers.

In closing I would just like to encourage everyone who hasn't already to explore The Sports Guy World and to come up with your own conclusion on whether or not Bill Simmons is actually a true sports fanatic or just a writer trying to make a living. Secondly, please look into the book by Art Farkas and purchase it for a friends birthday or maybe just for a good laugh for yourself, because if it is anything like what I think it will be it will knock your socks off.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Me vs. King James

Well.. I was sitting in my apartment thinking I was going to blog about the NBA Finals that start tonight and then my roommate gave me the great idea of comparing myself and the star of the finals Lebron James. Because there are so many similarities between the two of us I will attempt to focus on the similarities related to basketball and the game tonight.

  1. Lebron is Tall, Dark, and Handsome; Myself also ridiculously good looking.
  2. Lebron's muscles do not fit in his shirt; Myself also has trouble fitting in my shirts.
  3. Lebron gets paid $5,828,089 per year; I get paid $58.28089 in a days work.
  4. Lebron has his own plane; Myself I flew on a plane.
And if the Cavs win tonight I say that they will win the championship in 5 games. However if the Spurs win tonight I predict that they will win in 6. Those are my predictions, and go Cavs!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Phases of Life

Well....I was just sitting here in my apartment thinking about life. I know the subject of "life" is so boring or whatever but I am just going to ramble for a few minutes about what I was thinking about as the different phases of life. It is just funny how one day in your life is one stage of your life and the very next day you are all of the sudden in a completely different phase of your life. This next phase is not necessarily worse or better than the previous stage but just different. Life's changes are unexpected but still welcomed. I guess thats it but I just wanted to mention that. Just returning from the Orient, I feel that my life is now beginning a new phase after my trip. Sorry this is a boring post with no links but the posts will become more exciting as the days go on. Until next time...this is ME saying I am tired and good night.