Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Is A Test!

Can you believe it is only 74 days until the wedding? Heck, it feels like yesterday that Hillary and I were just arriving at CBU! Right or wrong it has gone by fast and it is hard to believe its 2009. I look back at my time at CBU as a student and realize how blessed I am to walk away with the education that I have. Sometimes I wish I had done more while I was in college but I remain young. To be honest though I am quite happy with my college experience. Of course there is still the occasional "what if". Possibly my time has come and gone, but I am sure I still have some fuel left in the tank. How else would I be sticking around here in Riverside? Except for my lack of playing ping pong my last two years at CBU I am very satisfied with my level of physical activity. Rain will fall and the sun will shine and I remain feeling fine.
Hotter than hades is what it feels like in Fresno during the summer months. Oddly, I would not trade it for any other city in California. Forever it will remain my home. So why am I writing about such random things? Cause I want to! However there is more to it than that. Rarely do you see random bolded letters for no reason. Obviously there is a reason for them. Everyone can try and figure it out. Really though, only the first person who figures it out can win!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exciting Scooter Advancements!

I finally got my license plate for my beautifully gorgeous love of my life. No, not Hillary, my other love.....YES, the Scoot Scoot! It looks great and finally complete with the license plate firmly attached in place. Now my question for you is what do I name her? I feel like I am taking a huge risk and letting you into our lives by letting you, the general public to help me name her. So lets shoot those suggestion's this way. I am a big fan of alliteration as well as a name that somewhat describes her such as her beautiful white paint job. Let's hear those ideas!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a Computer Engineer!

A couple weeks ago, Hillary's computer hard drive crashed....sad I know! After some time on the phone with Apple support I found out that it was going to cost more than the computer was worth to fix. I took matter into my own hands and looked online for some information on how to fix my problem....well Hillary's problem. So I went to Best Buy, bought a new hard drive that was 4 times the size of her original one and installed it myself, thus making me a do it yourself computer engineer! Here is a picture of me working!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Afternoons

Most Sunday's when we make it out to Beaumont to Fellowship in the Pass church we are invited to a couple places for lunch. It is great to be so far away from home and still feel at home amongst other friends and their families. The Price and Cloud family have become our family and homes away from home. A couple Sunday's ago after church we went to the Cloud's house and enjoyed a great time of fellowship and of course eating. Here is a picture of what I had to eat at the Cloud's. Thank you to the Cloud's and Price's, I never go hungry on Sunday afternoons and sometimes Sunday nights. Thanks family!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Back

After many complaints from my readership about the difficulty of navigating my other blog location I am returning to where it all started. I have been meaning to do this for some time now but my current living situation is without internet which limits my online time thus limiting my blogging time. But here it is back and better than ever! 

The other day I was doing my laundry, (3 Loads) and after taking the first two loads out and bringing them back to my apartment where they remain on the floor, went to bed leaving my third and final load in the dryer. I know I am horrible person I went against all
 laundromat etiquette, DON'T JUDGE ME! I was tired, this is not the point, when i returned to the laundry room near my apartment a couple days later, (DON'T JUDGE ME!) I was busy, I found my laundry not in the dryer where I left it but rather on the counter. This was not the weird part, I expected to find it on the counter or even on the ground, the fascinating part is that it was folded! Thank you PHANTOM FOLDER!