Thursday, September 27, 2007

Premieres and Paintings

Well...First off I am trying to Blog at least once a day so this is the beginnings of that attempt. First I read something that made me laugh out loud in class and just wanted to share it with everyone. I read it on Gene's blog and he got it from Casey (My Brother). This is hilarious and is from an episode of Seinfeld but this is real life. But what I really wanted to talk about was the premiere tonight of The Office. This is very exciting as I have been waiting anxiously for Season 4 to start. What is happening with Jam and their date? Also is Ryan really going to be Michael's boss? Why is Michael always so angry at Toby? And who has rabies? So many questions and probably so few answers but everyone be sure and watch the episode tonight at 9 pm on NBC. The Office episodes will not be available on iTunes anymore.
If you have time check out this Jam video on youtube. All pictures were taken from this site.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cannons by Phil Wickham

Not the Restaurant

I gave been fortunate enough to be able to listen to the album before it has been released and I
cannot say enough good things about it, but I am gonna try. Phil first of all has made some changes, first being with his hair. Although many may have liked the hair, he decided to chop it off. The album release is next Tuesday, October 2nd. You can pre-order the CD on his record company's website. Although I have been able to listen to his album, I cannot take it anywhere as it is an online "listening party". Once I get the album it will go on my iPod and then I will be able to listen to it much more often. From what I have listened to the album is not quite as soft, not sounding as acoustic as his previous album. His single "After Your Heart" is available on iTunes now for only $.99. Everyone should at the very least check out his new album once it is released, or go on to iTunes and listen to the preview to his single.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tag.....I'm it

So I got tagged, twice.

Here are the rules as they were previously stated:
- Each player starts with eight random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight facts and post these rules.
- At the end of the post, choose some people to get tagged and list their names.

1) As a young child I used to inexplicably faint, or the manly version, pass out. Randomly I could be hanging out with friends and then BAM, I'm on the floor looking up at the ceiling. The one time I do remember I was climbing on a statue and I passed out and fell off and took a chunk out of my chin, it was an awesome scab. I eventually went through a series of tests to discover that they could not figure it out.

2) I have not thrown up in more than 10 years. I do not remember the exact day that I last threw up but I do remember I was at summer camp, sat up in the middle of the night and out it came all over my sleeping bag. All this to say, I have an unusually strong stomach and is phased by nothing.

3) I read my first John Grisham novel the summer before my third grade year. The title was The Street Lawyer and it was this book that first sparked my interest into becoming a lawyer someday. It is also this book that first got me hooked on reading in general and more specifically John Grisham novels as well as books written by Tom Clancy.

4) The first item I ever bought on ebay was a Gibson Les Paul Alpine White Electric guitar. It was a very exciting moment when the doorbell rang just past 6pm when I thought all hope was lost for receiving that day and the UPS driver says "I got a delivery for Carson" I said "Thats ME!" and then I was able to open the very large package and actually the seller included a free pen in the guitar case.

5) I have successfully eaten a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting. The day was over Christmas break during my sophomore year of high school on a basketball trip in Fremont, CA. I went to Baskin Robbins: 31 Flavors while the team went to Subway, I proceeded to get two quarts of the best ice cream ever: Gold Medal Ribbon. And then I ate them both.

6) Since first seeing The Bourne Identity I have attempted to train myself when I first walk into a public place, (Movie Theater, Restaurant...etc.) I immediately observe where all of the exits are and also observe everyone in the area and figure out who is most likely to try and rob the place and then figure out what my first move would be. I know what everyone is thinking, and the answer is no, my brain never shuts off. However don't be frightened, I am completely normal....kind of.

7) Whenever I get a song in my head that I do not want to listen to I simply start singing my own song. It is from a fairly old commercial for a GREAT product, Dunkaroos!! The original jingle and what I sing in my head goes like this: "Dunkaroos Dunkaroos you don't just eat your Dunkaroos!" What a great snack!

8) And my final one I must steal from my brothers list. Although I have played sports my entire life (but do not want to make the assumption that I am an athlete) and when I was younger I do believe I was more athletic, I never once received a Physical Fitness award neither Presidential or National all because of one event. I could do the mile, and sit-ups no problem, pull-ups were tough but I managed, Shuttle run was really tough but I always barely made it but the one that always got me was the V-sit, or as some call it, the sit and reach. I felt like I was very Presidentially Physically Fit or at the very least Nationally Physically Fit.

There's my facts, so now tag you are all it, Janelle, Courtney, Hill, Jeremy, Melissa. Have fun if you choose to do it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mini Me - Sort of

Well this is dedicated to my younger brother Cooper. (He is the one on the right) I was sitting here thinking what I could blog about and my mother had just sent me a picture today and I thought I could use this in my blog. Cooper Austin Belmont was born on June 23rd 1994. He is now attending Fresno Christian and currently playing football for the junior high team. I am really excited cause I get to watch him play this weekend. One of his hobbies is paintball and it is actually more than a hobby at this point, it is a sport and he is constantly competing in tournaments. It is actually quite fun to watch. I am really excited cause I get to watch him play this weekend. He is also a stud on the baseball field.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Is it manly to cry?

What is it that causes a person to cry?? This is a serious question. Why do women tend to cry more than those of the male persuasion? Is this a biological difference or something that happened a long time ago which has since branded male tears a disgrace? Is it a social issue or rather a chemical difference in the human body? Well I do not know the answer to really any of those questions and although I would like to figure it out, that is a topic more appropriate for a formal paper that I can get credit for than a blog.
I am not only referring to tears pouring from the eyes but rather the feelings that accompany them; whether it be sadness, anger, joy, fear or any other emotion that may cause one to shed a tear. Emotions are so very interesting, and now in this culture they have many options to try and change how a person feels using chemicals and drugs. Is there anything left anymore for true unhindered expression or is everyone holding back there true reactions and there true feelings from each other for fear of humiliation or maybe just fear of confrontation. There is one line in the movie Garden State that I love, and I have never figured out why but this is the edited version. "I have felt so numb to everything I have experienced in my life.......what I want more then anything in the world, is for it to be OK with you for me to feel something again, even if it's pain." This I do believe happens to us whether we are on medication or not but we do become numb to so many things in this world including God and this is not the way it should be.
Are our emotions within our control? I think that we try to control them but our real feelings always manage to poke through. Although not everyone notices but the people closest to us can always tell, and can always see how we are really feeling so with this in mind why do we try and mask our emotions. When did it become unacceptable to really feel something and really experience it the way God designed. I will admit that I have a really hard time crying, even when I really want to or I am truly sad but often times i find myself dry as Fresno in July. I am saying that I want to be free of these traps of how I am supposed to feel. Nobody tells me how to feel or what I am feeling, not even myself, I want my emotions to truly reflect how I am feeling and the condition of my heart. What would it look like if we all walked around with our hearts showing, just like God sees each of us? It would be a scary, ugly world. I want to cry when I want to, and I want to laugh when something is funny, not pretend to laugh because it is polite and not just laugh a little but have true joy with real laughter. To answer my first question, there is nothing wrong with it as long as it comes from the heart, it can't be forced and it can't be trivial or a common thing but true and from the HEART. This is when it is ok for a man or woman to cry, otherwise we are all fooling ourselves.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Where Has The Time Gone?

Well.....before my camera broke from droping it in the sand at the beach, I got a lot of pictures of the different things we have done in preparation for orientaion week and during orientation week.

I keep thinking to myself "Where has the time gone" because it seems that just last week I was helping out at step aheads and working in the bookstore and now three weeks later I am immersed in the middle of orientation week and only three days until the start of school. So I ask again, where has the time gone? It did not go to reading any books, I am still where I was one month ago in my book. It did not go to TV seeing that my apartment is without one. It did not go to spending time with my roommates or friends because everytime I see someone our conversation eventually comes to the point in which one of us says "yeah, haven't seen you in awhile."

So I ask again Where has the time gone? Did it go to spending time with Hillary? I can tell you that maybe a little here and there has been spent with Hillary but not enough time because I am constantly wanting to be with her and see her. Did it go to spending time with God? Some of it but again not enough because often times at the end of the day I lay in bed thinking about how I missed out on time with God that day and missed opportunities to let light shine through me. Did it go towards sleep? Well I can say that some of it did because that is required but not near enough. I know this because when I wake up and am still extremely exhausted and realize that I only received 5-6 hours of sleep that is not enough.

So I ask one more time Where has the time gone? Well this is the answer.