Sunday, April 29, 2007

For Serious...

Well...I start out every post with "Well", thats just kind of funny. I haven't really had a serious post yet, all of my blogs have been about movies, or tv shows or other random stuff that I enjoy but do not have much depth. This one is going to be my first attempt at a serious blog but I am not holding my breath because it may very well end up talking about a movie. Probably Garden State, because this is what I am watching right now as I am writing. If you have never seen this movie, it is very interesting. I enjoy it but afterwards when the movie is over I am always left feeling confused, depressed, or worthless. Yet I still always really like watching the movie. This is going to attempt to lead into my seriousness. And this is where it may stop making sense if it was making sense before. Isn't it funny how movies or music can manipulate your mood so easily.
I always get so bothered when I think about all of my aspirations or plans that I have for myself yet I always fail. I fail regularly on a daily basis. This gets so frustrating when you try and try to obtain these goals and fail time after time but are you really trying your hardest or are you just trying just enough to fool yourself and others to think that you really want these things. Then eventually after fooling yourself for a long enough period of time you actually start accepting the daily failures, and you quit trying to accomplish your goals and just go on your day and your life not aspiring for anything. You become a walking failure who doesn't even have the will to accomplish what you started out actually wanting. As you wake up every day starting out having these plans or goals, but most of the time by the end of the day you have either failed or forgot what you originally set out to do. But every night I am still able to lay in bed and think about the upcoming day and say to myself, I can change the cycle, I can do better... I could have done better. Where am I going with this, I have no idea but it just gets frustrating and isn't it funny when you look at someone else and think that they have it all together, they don't fail, but really they are laying in bed thinking the same thing as you night after night. Well...I guess thats it, not much to say, maybe you understood what I am talking about, but then again I'm not sure I understand. This verse helps me, 2 Cor. 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" Have A Great Day! Sorry its so long.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

BBQ Chicken, Bombs, Buddies

Well.... as you can see from my title I used alliteration to better express my week and what went on. I will start with my Friday night and the beginning which started with a game of capture the flag. Well actually I was playing Tiger Woods 2005 on Xbox. Tiger Woods PGA Tour is in my expert opinion one of the best games available on all platforms. I do realize the boldness of this statement, however the constant improvements and innovations that EA sports continually makes to the Tiger series is very impressive. Also the slow pace of the game is a nice change for gamers from the fast paced games so common among gaming systems. Then we went outside to play an old school game of capture the flag.
Capture the flag is a game that is very underrated in todays outdoor fun and games. This is a game that can be played by all and the best part is it takes place often times at night when it is dark outside. We played for about two hours until neither team had even pulled the other teams flag yet so than we quit. During this time I got to hang out with two of my future roommates. Art and Adam. Art and Adam have been quickly becoming my good friends with whom I tend to spend a lot of time with. Last night, Saturday a group of us went to BJ's and I had some BBQ Chicken Pizza, (Most of us did). Every time I go to BJ's I either get BBQ Chicken Pizza or BBQ Chicken Salad. They are both wonderful choices but for me what makes BJ's worth going to and I am sure this is similar to most people is their Pazooki. This fun filled night was topped off with a game of Four on a Couch. This game (especially when played males vs females) gets very intense.
This morning was an interesting morning on the campus of CBU. I came home from church to find out that there had been a bomb threat on CBU's campus and this was very crazy to think about. Of course the police and administration were on campus and sorting through the issues at hand, but at the time a very real scare. Finals are just around the corner and it is about to get really busy.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Weekend all of my anxious readers who have been cursing at their monitors because I have not written anything in more than a week, here it is. Lots has happened in the last week since I last wrote about PF Changs and my desire for a Macbook. I am back at school and what I predicted is exactly what happened, I haven' t blogged. I manage to stay fairly busy. For example yesterday I spent the day at Azusa Pacific University for what is called the Christian College Leadership Conference (CCLC). The key note speaker was Erik Thoennes, a Professor at Biola University. He was very good, and many of us felt that he was much better than the speaker last year. I did a little research and found his church that he speaks at occasionally, Grace Evangelical Free Church. I also found a book he wrote titled Godly Jealousy. Today I went to church at Mag and afterwards enjoyed brunch at the caf. Let me just say a few things about brunch at the caf; first of all one of your options is a made to order omelette's, then you have your burrito bar or as I like to get my carne asada quesadilla. Afterwards Hillary and I went with Jon and Whitney over to Whitney's new apartment to check it out. Side Note: I had Burger King for dinner and got my favorite thing which is a Rodeo Cheeseburger. Tonight I was at Tim and Ryan's apartment working on some homework and we watched Man vs Wild which is such a crazy show and the man who does it all Bear Grylls is crazy. Than right after this show I watched for the first time my new favorite show (except of course for The Office). Planet Earth
showed me some of the coolest things that I have ever seen. I laughed (harder than I have in at least a month), I almost felt like crying (except in this respect I am like Chandler), and I felt for the animals. This show is amazing, and the scenery and animals that are captured in it are so incredible. This is just another tribute to a TV channel that is truly unlike any other. Some of my other favorite shows on Discover Channel are Mythbusters, I shouldn't be alive, and Dirty Jobs. Friday night I enjoyed Panda Express (although I am not a big fan, I am always down for some Broccoli Beef) with a twelve pack of Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (I only drank half of it) and watched Blood Diamond with Hill, Jon, and Whit. Quick Movie review.

Blood Diamond is a GREAT movie! I recommend it to everyone, it can open your eyes to just one of the many injustices in Africa. The acting is superb, while the script is amazing. Djimon Hounsou does an incredible job in his role as Solomon Vandy. The movie makes you look at the diamond industry in a very different light. While most that view the movie will still gladly purchase a diamond without thinking twice about the consequences, or where it might have come from, I still believe it can make some people choose an alternative route to purchasing diamonds. Especially as man made diamonds are becoming more into the public eye as acceptable. One problem with this is the controlled market be De Beers. Back to the movie, the exictement and action as well as dramatic fashion of the value of one man's family is too great to deny or disregard. Well...Hope everyone enjoys their week. Check ya'll later.

Friday, April 6, 2007

PF Changs

Like I said I will try and keep up on my posts, but nobody has probably even read my first one yet. Right now on my computer, my homepage is, I was just changing my options on that page, they are very similar to widgets on macs. On these options I added a word of the day as well as a verse of the day. This just made me think how much I would prefer a Macbook instead of my HP laptop. Although I have not had any trouble with my computer and it has served me well my personal preference is now just a mac.

Today I went to dinner at P.F. Changs with my family for the first time. It was not the first time I have ever been to dinner with my family but rather the first time I have ever eaten at P.F. Changs. We had lettuce wraps as an appetizer, beef with broccoli, crispy honey shrimp, with some rice. The food was good, not great, the service was good, I did not like the lighting however it was very dim. I do realize that it is supposed to be that way but it was hard to read the menu with such dim lighting. Over all I love broccoli beef and I love Chinese food. Did you know the Three Musketeers candy bar in most other countries is called a Milky Way bar? Interesting because a Milky Way bar here in the US is very different. This actually reminds me of the Seinfeld episode Season 9 Episode 11 in which George argues with a mechanic about whether he ate his Twix bar or a 5th Avenue Bar. Well thats about all I got for tonight but tomorrow I will be back.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well....I'm not too sure what to write about but I will try to make it as interesting as possible. I will also try to include links to things that I find relevant to my post or have nothing to do with it at all. Maybe if I find photos that I want to include you will also be able to enjoy that visual part of my blog.

The title of this post is Initiation because this is my very first post. Initiation is a very funny episode of The Office in which Dwight takes Ryan out on a sale call. If I have any readers out there please let me know how boring this is. Just to let you know some things about myself that I do not share with everyone but will now be all over the World Wide Web is how much I love the show Boy Meets World. This show makes me smile like none other. I like to picture myself as Cory and my Topanga is Hillary. I know it is really lame and probably very weird but I love Cory, however Shawn can bother me at times. Well more to come in the future, I will probably blog more while at home for Easter break and once back at school it will probably die down. I will also try and give some movie reviews as I see them. As a sneak preview the movie Reign Over Me is as of now the best movie of 2007. I highly recommend it to everyone, it has great acting by the big three in the movie; Jada Pinkett Smith, Don Cheadle, and Adam Sandler. Also it has a great collection of music throughout the movie as does most Adam Sandler movies. Well gotta go.