Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well...Finals are over and I am HAPPY! What a feeling of relief? Summer is a truly awesome thing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Music in the Mood

Well...I have been stuck listening to a couple of the same things over and over. I have finally got over my stage of listening to the entire One Republic CD at least once a day, I have cut back to about one song per day from the album. That lasted about two months, and a great two months at that. Now I just go back and forth between listening to The Beatles, and the August Rush Soundtrack. That sums up for the most part my listening experience over the last week or so. Sure I'll throw in some Ben Harper and actually quite a bit of John Mayer lately however the old John Mayer not any of his newer stuff. The Beatles are of course legends and unforgettable but as of now I am hooked. In regards to August Rush, I think I find much of the instrumental peaceful and relaxing while I do homework however it does not put me to sleep like many other instrumental tracks. This morning I was reminded of a song that I always love to listen to because as the title implies it takes me away. Music is awesome!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Plum or Plumb??

Well...I was thinking about what to blog about on this fine Sunday evening and I decided I don't like plums. I never have and I am not sure I ever will. It may be the color but I don't think so. It most likely is the gross taste that the brightly colored fruit produces. Then I thought about plumbing and how I really don't like to plumb either. But then again who does really like to plumb, probably not too many other than those who are plumbers like to plumb either. But once you get away from the gross general ideas of plumbing it can actually be very fun. Instead of just thinking of pipes and elbows, think of the awesome decorative pieces such as faucet pull out pieces, or polished brass sinks.
The sister site to is another and for me much more enjoyable site to peruse. has items ranging from awesome hunting knives to some sweet ankle holsters. Check out the sites and enjoy some high class online shopping.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Series/Summer Sacrifice

Well...I know I have been slacking but I am running out of gas for the semester so I have just been tired and not up to blogging. But here I am back in action. I first want to alert everyone to a summer series I will be doing on my blog. It will be titled My Favorite Past Times. I am very excited about it and there will be some awesome posts to accompany it. So keep that in mind and don't forget about this humble blogger over the summer.

Second I really want to recognize 3 guys that I must tip my hat to. They are sacrificing their summer's for a greater cause then their own relaxation. Ethan, Justin and Tim are my summer heroes. I will not attempt to fully explain what they will be doing this summer as I do not believe I will do their cause justice. Basically they will be kayaking down the Mississippi River to raise awareness about sex trafficking. They will be partnering with the International Justice Mission. To learn a whole lot more about their cause and their awesome battle and how YOU can help and be a part of their trip please check out their blog, These are three guys that if you do not already know them then you need to get to know them, fast! Check them out at their blog or with questions email them at

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To Grow, or Not To Grow?

Well...if you have seen me recently you know what I am talking about. I'll start at the beginning. It began with a dream for the CBU community. You may have heard of No Shave November however this was another event similar called Mustache March. A quick detour about Mustache March and it's origin. It began as a way to raise money for the MACC Fund, and instantly became a favorite past time. I encourage you to just browse the above site to be educated about mustaches and their charity.

I was eager to participate of course, and in learning the rules from Chris during the month of February, the excitement continued to build up. As the shave day approached I began to get nervous but the night of February 29th 2008 I shaved my face clean. It was smooth and I grew anxious wanting a mustache to appear right away, however I knew right away this was going to be something special. This was not something that would be done without purpose or reason but I was going to follow the strict rules being in Fresno away from my friends. To this day I am not sure why but I was unable to shave everything and now I have grown attached. I do realize I do not have the fullest beard, the cleanest beard, or even the funniest looking beard however one thing my beard does have is CHARACTER. I love it and I am not really sure when, if ever I'll be able to part with it. I will admit it has not always been easy between me and my beard. We have had our rough patches (No pun intended) like the week it just would not quit itching, or how about even now as it refuses to grow in a few places but one thing is for sure, we were meant to be together. However as the shave day came on the 15th of March when all other facial hair must be shaved I could not pull myself to do so. Maybe it was because I had a family portrait appointment that day, maybe it was the lack of accountability and guideline laid out for everyman on the site. Maybe for another reason...but whatever it was it was divine. I knew I probably had no shot at Best of Show, yet I knew I was being pulled toward the competition. I was thinking i had a shot at the Most Disturbing award. But hear this, when No Shave November comes around again I will start from scratch. One thing I do know is that me and my beard have become one over the last 33 days. And please give your honest opinions on me and my beard.

This is when it was just a baby.

It was growing.

I know you are loving the shades. The day after I was supposed to shave.
After Spring break it filled in quite nicely.
And now presently where we are at in our relationship.