Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am Here

Well...I am in Germanz and just so zou know anztime there is a y it should be a z and vice versa because the kezboard is switched. I am still alive and well but verz tired. German kids are just like Americans in the fact that thez don´t get tired. We have been able to travel to Salzyerg in Austria which was amayinglz beautiful. Munich is also verz prettz and green but Austria was incredible. The people are verz nice here and manz speak English as well as a few other languages which leaves me feeling verz idiodic and such. We have been able to enjoz some sausage while here as well as lots of PB&J. We also have been to an ITalian restaurant where the Calyone was great! Please keep me in zour preazers as we still have almost two weeks left. I wish I could include pictures however I am pazing for the internet time and Europe is not cheap especiallz the waz the US economz is. Catch zall back in the states!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Germany and the Glockenspiel

Well...My flight for Germany leaves in approximately 15 hours. I leave for the airport in approximately 10 hours. I will not be a very frequent blogger in the next three weeks however please continue to check in as I may have opportunities to make a short post or for up to date reports check here. All I can say is that I am getting excited and at 5:30 am the day of I just returned from Norms and enjoying 3 hotcakes. Please be in prayer for my team and the people we get to meet in Germany. Thanks for all of your support!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oceans 11, 12, 13

Well...This past weekend myself, Adam and Hillary watched Ocean's 13. I LOVE these movies.
 They are awesome! I do realize they are not the most well made movies like Oscar worthy 
and all that but the dynamic of these three films
 is incredible. The way that each of the characters interact with each other just makes the films top notch. If there were any movies that I would
 watch over and over it would be these 3. I am not saying that these 3 are my favorite movies, for example The Bourne Series are also my favorites but I could not watch them over and over in the same way I could do that with the Ocean movies. I would just like to give a nod to the
Ocean films and all the actors involved. Brad, George and Matt are possibly
 the best trio in a trilogy to ever appear on the silver screen.