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Lost Season 4 Preview and expectations! Part 2

Well....If you are reading this and did not read Part 1 then you must stop now, do not continue any further and go here to get caught up. In this previous post I stressed the importance of first seeing the Season 4 Trailer as well as the webisodes titled the Missing Pieces found on ABC's site. As previously mentioned in part 1, the Valenzetti Equation seems to be one of the (if not THE) reason for the start of the DHARMA Initiative. This equation is a mathematical equation and the Arrow station was believed to possibly a storage facility as well as a station for working out mathematical problems. The Valenzetti Equation is that of a mystery. While it is believed to predict the end of the world there is not much that can be found online and what is found is not necessarily from credible sources. There appears to be a page built by Valenzetti's son. The Valenzetti Foundation is a website created by Enzo'z son and is said repeatedly to have nothing to do with ABC, however everything he talks about is related to the show Lost. In fact in pictures of the equations taken from his father's notebook are the Lost Numbers, 4 8 15 16 23 42. He states on the website that the first two are from his birthday of April 8th. This equation had a book written about it. The author Gary Troup was on board Oceanic Flight 815 and died in the crash. Interestingly enough, Alvar Hanso bought all copies of the book and also owns the distribution rights to it. The book however is listed on Amazon and you can see it here. Gary Troup was a pen name for author Laurence Shames. Gary Troup actually was on the show Lost and was in the Pilot episode and was the one sucked into the planes turbine after the crash. Also interesting is the fact that Gary Troup is an anagram for the word "purgatory" however the writers have specifically ruled out purgatory as a theory as to what the island is. Gary Troup was also in love with Oceanic stewardess Cindy Chandler. Cindy is the stewardess who was taken by the others on day 48.
In the Season 4 Trailer involving Dr. Marvin Candle posing as Edgar Halowax he says he is at a DHARMA station the Orchid. The Orchid is portrayed as a botanical research station but is later proved to be not true. It in actuality houses a number of white rabbits each with a number on their backs. Most importantly in this little clip is the reference to the Casimir effect. This has quickly become a very popular theory in possibly what the island is or how it is related to this force. The Casimir effect is a very complicated and complex theory and therefore is very difficult to summarize however I will do my best to do so in as little space as possible. This effect was developed by physicist Hendrik B. G. Casimir. "The Casimir effect can be understood by the idea that the presence of conducting metals and dielectrics alter the vacuum expectation value of the energy of the second quantized electromagnetic field. Since the value of this energy depends on the shapes and positions of the conductors and dielectrics, the Casimir effect manifests itself as a force between such objects." I didn't write that last part. The Casimir effect is related to the show in many ways and in one way it is somewhat of an electromagnetic phenomena. Electromagnetism receives credit for many of the islands strange properties. For example; tidal anomalies, healing properties, and the "monster." To try and better explain the Casimir effect I will use layperson terms. Basically through the Casimir effect a wormhole or blackhole could be created. A wormhole potentially created could make it possible to travel in time, or alternately travel across dimensions. A theory is that what if Naomi was telling the truth about the plane being found and there being no survivors, this theory accounts for that. If the plane while off course and in the air, neared the wormhole, the plane split into two planes and one crashed in the ocean and another crashed on the island. While on one of them all the passengers died and the other they made it onto the island. This could have been the purpose of the Swan station was to control this wormhole, and when Desmond left the station and the anomaly happened it opened the wormhole up and that is when the plane made it through. And now that the Swan station imploded they have no control over the wormhole. Going along with this theory, the Hanso Foundation sent the DHARMA Initiative to the island through there own version of a wormhole to study these traits on the island. Since the DHARMA people were purged is Ben keeping more people from the Hanso Foundation from returning to the island. In regards to electromagnetism, James Clerk Maxwell is a real life expert in the area of electromagnetism.
At this point this is irrelevant however if you play the ARG Find815 then you find out that the main character of the reality game is receiving encoded emails from a Maxwell Group. The Maxwell Group in the ARG is a group who is also funding the search for the Black Rock. The Maxwell Group is a division of Widmore Industries. This is Penny's father's company. Penny is the girlfriend of Desmond Hume. Widmore Industries are supposedly tied to the Hanso Foundation, as well as the Paik Heavy Industries. Widmore Industries appears to have its hand in many business ventures as it's logo or name is seen in many episodes on a variety of products. In a flashback to a Driveshaft video shoot a banner for Widmore Construction is seen in the background. The Widmore logo is also found on the hot air balloon of Henry Gale as well as the pregnancy tests taken by Sun and Kate.
Other things that are seen in episodes throughout the series are the recurrences of the "Lost Numbers" which are 4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 of which the sum total = 108.
  • The Flight Number was Oceanic Air 815
  • The news station at Hurley's lotto interview was KSVU-8
  • The appointment when Claire wanted to sign the adoption form was at 8:15AM
  • The number of the safe deposit box that Kate robbed is 815
  • The number of people that die in Hurley's shoe factory fire is 8
  • The Number of Michael and Walt’s room is 815
  • The number on the Old Scooter Man's hat in the Sydney Airport is 8 (who Hurley buys the scooter from for $1600)
  • Kate and Tom Brennan buried the time capsule on 8/15
  • The copiers that Charlie was trying to sell were model # C-815
  • Adam Rutherford's time of death was recorded in St. Sebastian Hospital at 8:15
  • Anthony Cooper's safety deposit box was #1516
  • According to the driver's license found by Sayid, The Real Henry Gale lived on 815 Walnut Ridge Rd
  • The September 22nd System Crash occurred at 4:16
  • Kate has a $23,000 bounty on her head
  • Danielle askes Sayid where Alex is 23 times
  • The number of the departure gate of the flight is 23
  • Hurley's hotel room in Sydney was number 2342
  • The temperature in Sydney the day Flight 815 departed was 23°C
  • The number of people who survived the crash in the tail end of the plane according to Libby was 23
  • Part of the video reel #23108-42 that Kelvin shows to Sayid
  • Munson's 10 Million was hidden in unit 23c
  • Karl was being held in room 23 in the Hydra prison
  • Juliet enters 1623 into the sonic fence keypad
  • The radio volume in the van is set to level 23 when Driveshaft's song starts playing
  • Ana Lucia - Sat in seat 42F
  • Hurley's car has gone 42km when it breaks down on his way to the airport
  • Number of original passage survivors at the end of Season 1 in the the middle section was 42
  • Desmond looks at letters he sent to Penny while he was in jail, and the address of Southway Garrison, Desmond's jail, is 42 Berechurch Road
  • Desmond tells Libby that he needs $42,000 to buy a boat
  • The number of moves to inevitable mate of the computer on the chess game Locke played in the Flame is 42
  • Leonard Simms was playing the game Connect Four
  • 42 is the number of cells in Connect Four.
  • 4:8:15 can be seen carved into Eko's stick upon close examination
  • Nikki had a role in the 4th Season of Exposé
  • Ben's tumor was growing around his L4 vertebra
  • Number of years old the girl that Jack did his first solo operation on was 16
  • Sawyer needed $160,000 for his con of Jessica
  • Number of weeks since someone had won the Lottery before Hurley did was 16
  • Number of miles/hr Desmond was peddling the exercise bike was 16
  • The September 22nd System Crash occurred at 4:16
  • When Hurley rides past 6 players of a girls' soccer team in the airport, each uniform has one of the Numbers
  • 7418880 (the product of the Numbers, which appeared on the computer screen at the listening station before the discharge
Well thats it for now, but there is so much more that I cannot relay to you so you must check it out for yourself. Wednesday night Jan. 30th there will be the Season 3 finale on ABC at 8pm, and then of course on Thursday starting at 8pm is the Season 4 premiere, enjoy and as always if you have questions leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed the tour of Lost.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lost Season 4 Preview and expectations! Part 1

Well...I don't know if anyone is as excited as me for Season 4 of Lost but if you are not excited, you should sure get that way. This post is gonna be a long one so hang on and buckle your seat belt cause its click it or ticket. Now I understand if you have not been watching Lost or if you are confused this might be a little overwhelming but press on because this is gonna be both informative and interesting. This may be a slight spoiler to any of you who just like to watch the show and not think. Well, here we go. SO much information to cover and for really detailed analysis and info visit LostPedia.
Most of this information is gathered from a variety of sites, mainly Lostpedia and also some from the ARG Find 815. After watching all three seasons of Lost recently I have come to realize that this show is more than your typical ABC Drama. This show Lost has meanings and hidden messages spread throughout each episode that can give you a whole new outlook on the show and as some may say an obsession with the show. Now lets start out with the main characters and where we left off from season 3.
Dr. Jack Shepherd (the inherent leader of the group) made a decision in the season finale that could lead them off the island or to there destruction.
Kate Austen in the very last scene of the season while talking to Jack off the island "explains that she has to leave and return before "he" starts wondering where she is. Most believe that "he" is Sawyer.
Sawyer in the end of the season is assumed to be dating and or living with/married to Kate.
John Locke over the course of the season has proved to be a pain to many of the survivors and fallen out of favor with many viewers. In the last episode he threw a knife into the back of Naomi.
Ben Linus has spent the entirety of season 3 in attempts to keep everyone on the island and now with the finale of season 3 it appears that all of his attempts may be in vain.

Now that we have some of the main characters and some refreshers lets get into the good stuff, such as theories and other significant information.
To begin with some conspiracy theories you must first have watched the Season 4 Trailer to fully understand. This trailer is interesting for many reasons. We will begin with the scientist/doctor. One interesting thing about him is his variety of names. Throughout the different videos shown in episodes of this man he uses different names. There is the Swan orientation video, the Flame self destruction video, the Pearl orientation video, and also the Barracks orientation video for those new to the DHARMA Initiative. In the Swan orientation video he says his name is Dr. Marvin Candle (which is believed to be his real name), in the Pearl orientation video he portrays himself as Dr. Mark Wickmund, in the Flame video he is again Dr. Candle, In the Barracks video he is And now in the Orchid video he refers to himself as Edgar Halowax. The one thing in common with all of his aliases is the theme of candles in his last names. This may or may not prove to be important. Also worthy of mentioning is his attire in the different videos. In the Swan video he is wearing the appropriate Swan logo lab coat as he is wearing in the Orchid video as well as the Barracks video. However in the Pearl video he is wearing just a suit without the lab coat and in the Flame video he is wearing a lab coat with the Flame station logo. One more thing worth mentioning about Dr. Candle is believed to possibly have a prosthetic left arm because in some of the videos his left arm hangs lifeless at his side. This leads me to talk about the DHARMA Initiative.
The Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications Initiative or DHARMA was started by a couple, the DeGroots. The Initiative was funded by the Hanso Foundation, founded by Alvar Hanso. In the Barracks video they say the purpose of the Initiative is for the "betterment of mankind and the advancement of world peace." However in the ARG The Lost Experience, it is said that the Initiative is tied to the Valenzetti Equation. This is said to be "a mathematical formula designed to predict the end of the world." However it is said that the DHARMA Initiative failed. Dharma in eastern religion that we know plays a role in Lost means "Way of the Higher Truths which is what Alvar Hanso says in the Sri Lanka Video, saying "it also stands for the one true way." So far there are 7 stations connected to the DHARMA Initiative, and interestingly enough the names of each are all related to the Greek god, Apollo.

The Arrow which is the storage facility where the tail survivors lived was the most common weapon of Apollo, the bow and arrow.
The Staff which is the medical station is known as the Caduceus staff but was originally Apollo's but was traded to Hermes for a lyre.
The Swan which is more commonly referred to as the Hatch. "When Leto gave birth to Apollo, the island on which he was born was encircled by a flock of swans. Swans were afterward sacred to Apollo."
The Flame is related to Apollo because he was a sun god.
The Hydra which is where Jack was held captive and performed surgery on Ben is also related. "Apollo sent a crow to fetch water. The bird stopped to eat figs and wasted lots of time. Knowing Apollo would be angry, the crow captured the Hydra and attempted to blame it for causing the delay."
This theme of Apollo is also related to the Apollo Candy Bar that is often seen on the island and believe to be owned by the Hanso Foundation.
The Hanso Foundation is mentioned twice on the show, once in the Swan video and the other time is in a Korean conversation between Mr. Paik (Sun's Father) and an employee that was not subtitled but in it Mr. Paik is worried that he will upset the Hanso Foundation. Flowing from the Hanso Foundation we find the Black Rock, and the captain of the Black Rock was Magnus Hanso. He is the great grandfather of Alvar Hanso, and is burried on the island near the site of the ship. Interestingly enough the Black Rock set sail from slip 23 in Portsmouth. Just one reference to the Numbers of Lost. Also Magnus is the Latin form of the Dutch name, de Groot , meaning "the great." Albertus Magnust to receive their name from a philosopher.
Richard Alpert who is seen as Ben's second in command receives his na was a German philosopher and theologian, but Magnus Hanso is not the only character on Losme from Richard Alpert aka Baba Ram Dass.
Mikhail Bakunin who is the one eyed Russian receives his name from Russian revolutionary and anarchist philosopher Mikhail Bakunin.
Edmund Burke, the late ex-husband of Juliet gets his name from an Irish statesman, Member of Parliament, and a leader of the Old Whigs Edmund Burke.
Boone Carlyle receives his name from Scottish philosopher and writer Thomas Carlyle. Thomas wrote a book called Heroes and Hero Worship and the Character of Boone is constantly trying to prove is heroics, earning him his nickname from Shannon of Captain America.
Anthony Cooper who is the father of John Locke receives his name from Anthony Ashley-Cooper who was an English politician who was the mentor and patron of real-life philosopher John Locke.
John Locke that of course receives his name from the Enlightenment philosopher who dealt with the relationship between nature and civilization John Locke. This is very similar to the character's fascination with nature.
Danielle Rousseau receives her name from Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Also Referenced are the DeGroots and Hugo Reyes who both receive their names from Hugo De Groot, Dutch novelist, philosopher and jurist.
Desmond Hume was named after David Hume, philosopher of skepticism and, perhaps to a lesser degree, naturalism as well. Both of these men were Scottish.
That is all of the Philosophy connections able to find although each of these has a more in depth story or parallel to it that you can check out here. This is it for now but check back in a day or two because part 2 is coming with much more, including theories as well as other helpful information so you are not lost on Thursday when Lost Season 4 Premieres.

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Mr. Random

Well....A few things you should know, people always say I am very random and off the wall but I always have a logical or what I believe to be rational way of coming to the "off the wall" comments that I make so if you are ever around me when one of these comments are made ask for my train of thought and the conductor will gladly stop the train and let you get on board but hold on cause it's a wild ride. Also, It has again been entirely way to long since my last post. honor of my nick name here are some interesting things you may have wondered about or if not can now learn about.

For instance, did you ever wonder why the Barnum's Animal cracker boxes had that pointless string on it? I know I did, and no it was not for better carrying, in fact it was "so they could be used as Christmas tree ornaments."

Again, did you ever wonder why Leotard are called just that? Now please do not be upset because this was a childish assumption that was wrong of course however growing up I thought it was because the people wearing them looked retarded. However this is not the case and I apologize for the irrational thought process there, but it came about from a famous 19th century French trapeze artist who wore skintight bodysuits whose name was Jules Leotard.

Have you ever left some loose change in a little tray when going through a metal detector at an airport? And afterwards have you wondered what they do with it, is it a tip to the security guards, or maybe they give it to charity. Well actually the "US Treasury appropriates the money and returns it to circulation." In 2003 roughly $303,970 was left in loose change at airport metal detectors.

That's it for now but hopefully there will be more to come soon. And please feel free to comment because it makes me feel special when you do.

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Where in the World??

Well....So much has gone on since our last contact. This semester is shaping up to be a very busy one so I am still looking for that consistent time when I can post. The Macworld Expo came and went. I know the feelings are mixed about it but can't we all just be like kids on Christmas morning and be excited regardless. Innovations were revealed that are quite remarkable. My brother put together a very well done review of the Expo so go check that out. I have had some questions about my hit counter. I cannot take credit for it because I did not find it on my own but it was shown to me by a friend on his page and he instructed me how to go about getting one of my own. Thanks Jeremy! I use Clustrmaps for my counter and what is really cool about it is the visual aid of seeing where everyone that visits your page is located. At first it can be discouraging but give it time and it will grow and spread across the country and eventually the world. I just think it is really cool to see how connected the world really is and how easy it is to be in contact and influence those not in your immediate circle of influence.

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Monday the 14th...

Well...It has been entirely too long since I posted, It's been somewhat busy with the first week of classes and such, getting caught up with friends and stuff but that is no excuse, I thought about blogging multiple times and just never sat down and did it, so since I have a few minutes before I head into the world to start my day I figure what the hey, I might as well say just what I've wanted to since yesterday. Sorry, I'm done. Anyways a few things to highlight, yesterday was my mother's birthday so Happy Birthday Mom! My little brother got a haircut, (finally) way to go Coop.
Today the Macworld Conference begins in San Francisco but more importantly tomorrow starts the Macworld Expo. Steve Jobs will make an address at 9 am pst in which he is expected as always to release some kind of new product, very exciting.

And also check out Hillary's blog as she wrote a great blog about us and some things we are thinking about in the future.

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Well...What significance does the number 2000 have to you? Recently over the Christmas break that I had off from school my blog counter reached over 2000 hits! It was a very momentous occasion for my blogging life. As of right now my blog is at a magnificent 2,235 hits. Another awesome thing is that my blog has hits from six of the 7 continents. Other things that are relevant to the number 2000...

2000+ years since Jesus walked on the earth.

Year 2000 in Roman Numerals is MM.

Courtney Brown was the first overall draft pick in the 2000 NFL draft.

Stonehenge was believed to be completed in the year 2000BC.

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Election Time Is Coming

Well...As many of you know (and if you don't know then wake up) the presidential election is upon us in November of this year, 2008. I decided to write about the campaigns because a friend (and I can say friend now) has mentioned this more than once on his own blog. This particular election is very special to me, and near and dear to my heart. The reason for these sentimental feelings is this will be my first voting presidential election. I know I am such a youngster or if we were in Britain I would say tiddler. Tonight when I got home and turned on the television I saw the results of the Iowa Caucuses and to let you know that Obama won the Democrat and Huckabee won the Republican. And to be quite honest I do not have the slightest idea who my favorite is at this point but I do have time to figure it out. Election 08 is gonna be awesome!